Raise your game, get ahead of the rest, become extraordinary 
Where a keynote address is a one-way sharing of knowledge, the workshop
is an interactive format presenting the opportunity for your team to dialogue and
then own Paddy’s teamwork and performance concepts. Workshops are
practical, interactive and experiential and focussed on facilitating your
team transformation via:
  • Dialogue and gaining an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge team-work and performance concepts
  • Analysis of how and where the concepts are uniquely relevant to your team
  • Identifying and overcoming current obstacles to your success
  • Generating practical and relevant plans-of-action to take your team to the next level, and then
    to consistently deliver at these new levels
Workshop topics will be designed in collaboration with you, to ensure that they are
relevant to your team and its current needs. Some topics could include:
  • Becoming extraordinary
  • Designing your own dream team
  • Aligning organisational purpose, team direction and personal meaning
  • Optimising team and individual intelligence
  • Growing confidence, increasing success
  • Playing to strengths
  • Innovation - Unshackle and advance your team
  • Being your best self, move towards self-mastery

“Paddy conducted a leadership workshop for all the staff of RBS Private Banking. He brought the workshop to life in a practical and well-contextualised manner. All participants rated the workshop very highly.” Shiv Gupta – Head of Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland Private Banking (India)
“Paddy's 'Transforming Teams' workshop at the Mainstream Conference (Texas, USA) was rated an overall 94%. Delegates are still raving about it. I could not recommend a speaker or workshop facilitator more highly.” Steve Morris - Managing Partner Content & Global Production, The Eventful Group
“Very insightful – great storyteller. Most unconventional coach.” Senior Manager, DuPont (USA)
“Excellent! Very inspirational speaker – great perspectives on leadership.” Senior Manager, the Boeing Company

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