For progressive* sport coaches – raise your game to exciting
new levels
A full-day workshop for progressive sport coaches who are keen to learn
exciting, empowering and more effective ways of leading their players. Deliver
long-term success, increased enjoyment, longer-term participation, smarter performers
with greater confidence and increased self-esteem.
*Not suitable for traditional old-school command-and-control coaches who are unwilling to learn
new ways of leading!
Topics include:
  • Understanding and leading the changing leadership terrain
  • A new model of learning
  • Building players’ confidence
  • Playing to strengths
  • Coaching for maximum impact
  • The processes of winning
  • Navigating pressure
  • Developing players’ self esteem
  • Being the best coach you can be

“Paddy Upton’s unique coaching approach is groundbreaking; redefining sports coaching the world over.” Rahul Dravid - Indian Cricketer
“Paddy Upton ... is one of the best coaches in the world”.” Shane Watson - Australian Cricketer
“Paddy’s work is ground breaking and desperately needs to be developed and advanced further in this country…it represents one of the leading edges of thinking in the field of coaching.” Professor Tim Noakes - Renowned Sport Scientist
“After having lost in 17 consecutive games …The group workshops with Paddy worked, we went on to win the final 3 games in a row.” Shukri Conrad – Head Coach of Cape Cobras Cricket Team

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