‘no worries bud’
December 3 2014
‘no worries’, ‘no problem’, ‘no sweat’ is not the same as ‘my pleasure’, but we often (and erroneously)
use it as such…
A story of perseverance
July 10 2014
All of us have given up on a project, bailed on a relationship, quit something that was not working. I’m all
for not flogging a dead horse, but something happened last evening that got me thinking about this a bit …
Nelson Mandela may have saved a nation, but he nearly ruined my
treasured photograph

December 9 2014
Nelson Mandela in a private moment, out of the public eye, nearly ruined a treasured photograph of mine!
The epitome of team spirit
October 6 2014
People talk of a care-factor in a team, this is was what it looks like!
It’s not about the truth
January 14 2014

‘Corporate psychopaths’ are possibly the biggest threats facing modern-day business, politics and sport; where they currently flourish and are highly rewarded.

Arise Sachin Tendulkar. The cricketer and the man
December 26 2012
Tribute to Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketer and the man.
Alpha males – top dogs who rally or ruin teams
November 30 2012
Differentiating between alpha males that inspire others and build successful teams, and those that abuse others and divide teams.
The remarkable story of Cliff Young
November 20 2012
Cliff Young is hardly known outside of Australia. His remarkable story is worth knowing. All of Australia thought he was a crazy old man to undertake an almost impossible feat. Most feared that he would die trying.
The seven habits of highly successful losers
October 26 2012
An insightful perspective on how to transform losing into winning.
In the shadows of the limelight – Part 3 of 3
September 25 2012
Out of the shadow of the ego and into the light of awareness: The final part in this series explores the journey towards personal and professional success, sincere relationships, lasting contentment and an all-round purposeful life.
In the shadows of the limelight – part 2 of 3
September 10 2012
Cricketers today enjoy more money, more glitz, more glamour, more exposure than ever before. It’s fun, but are they sufficiently prepared for what may lurk in the shadows of this limelight?
In the shadows of the limelight – Part 1 of 3
August 27 2012
Cricket is innovating. Cricketers are becoming entertainers, rock stars. The party is on. Time for happiness, and hangovers …
Proteas in Switzerland
July 9 2012
An account of the Proteas training camp, with Mike Horn, in the Swiss Alps.
How effective is professional cricket coaching?
June 26 2012
The next major innovations in cricket coaching and performance are more likely come through the art of managing people, than from the science of performance enhancement.
When ‘old school’ works
May 12 2012
The previous blog on old school vs new school coaching suggested that dictatorial, my-way-or-the-highway leadership/ management/ coaching is fast becoming obsolete. And that the new more inclusive and empowering method of leadership is delivering better results and happier performers, making …
Old school vs new school coaching
May 8 2012

“Knowledge of cricket, and knowledge of coaching, are two totally different gifts”. I was at Mainland China restaurant in Pune India last night, having dinner with my wife, daughter, bowling coach Allan Donald, and cricketers Callum Furgeson, Wayne Parnell and …

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