Provocative and controversial

Exposing healthy to unhealthy versions of Beta, Alpha and
psychopathic leaders, and the corresponding impact they have on their teams
High performers and leaders in sport and business generally fall somewhere along the continuum from
  • the harmony-loving happy-to-play-second-fiddle beta (fe)male
  • through the confident, focused, opinionated and action-oriented alpha leader
  • to the highly popular, hugely successful and truly inspirational psychopath*
The problem for teams and organizations arise when these high performers and/or leaders become unhealthy. It for example happens when
  • the beta-male becomes an egotistical and posturing wannabe-alpha
  • when the alpha becomes the arrogant, self-serving and overly-critical bully, and
  • when the psychopaths guilt-free manipulation, lies, callous and cunning ways poison those around them and threatens to ruin their team, organization or industry.
This wonderfully insightful, provocative and controversial talk exposes real world examples of these successful and influential individuals, highlights how they can single-handedly make or destroy teams and organizations, and suggests remedies for each.
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* Researcher Dr Clive Bodie suggests 1 in 100 people are born psychopaths, and that as many as 1 in 25 business leaders are psychopaths. The incidence is likely to be higher in some industries, including finance, IT, politics and possibly even professional sport. For more about psychopaths in sport and business, click here.

“Your talk was fabulous. It shook so many people’s perceptions and created awareness that wasn’t there before”. Dr Ross Tucker - Sport Scientist and senior lecturer, UCT Sport Science Institute
“Insightful”. Elana Meyer - Ex-Olympic athlete, CEO & Founder of Endurocad

Inspirational Talk clients include:
Paddy Upton’s
presentation to
the top 500
managers at
ABFSG Day was
a great success.
It was wonderfully
illuminating and
was rated at
“relevant and
valuable” by 100%
of the 500 delegates.
Some said Paddy’s
presentation changed
my life”.
Ajay Srinivasan
- Head, Aditya Birla
Financial Services Group
Paddy's speech at the Dell India Leadership Strategy Meet in 2011 was extremely insightful. The ease with which he was able to relate to corporate issues was simply commendable. Paddy is a delightfully effective speaker whose style is simple, direct and engaging!
Ganesh Lakshminarayanan - President, Dell India
The presentation made to some 450 Chartered Accountants was refreshing and extremely thought provoking. Paddy kept the audience captivated through very interactive media, using real life examples everybody could relate to, all delivered in a very relaxed yet exceptionally professional style. Nasiegh Hamdulay - Regional executive, SA Institute of Chartered Accountants


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