Challenging conventional beliefs

In this Freakonomics-type presentation, Paddy makes a thought-provoking and compelling case for
a series of counter-intuitive statements. Each case is supported by research, built upon with
intriguing perspectives, and coloured-in by fascinating anecdotes from his work with some of
the world’s top athletes. The talk has been lauded by international athletes and business leaders.
Paddy will propose that…
  • The coach is possibly the biggest obstacle to success 
  • The best advice you have to offer is mostly useless
  • When a person messes-up, a compliment is over 350% more effective than a reprimand
  • Doing your best to help someone improve on their weakness… is in itself a leadership weakness 
  • Players are smarter than coaches
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* Freakonomics. A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything (Book by Levitt and Dubner, 2005).

“Awesome talk! Really enjoyed it, as did everyone else”. Jacques Kallis – International cricketer
“A very interesting and powerful talk. Loved it and very thought-provoking”. Alan Dawson – Ex-International
cricketer and current business-owner
“Your presentation was rated number 1 from all 24 speakers at Mainstream 2014....an amazing result”. Thirusha Abrahams - Speaker and Partner Manager, The Eventful Group
“Paddy’s leadership tactics transcend the various industries and present a positive, inspiring way to motivate any team towards unprecedented levels of performance.  His approach is cutting-edge and his use of “story” drives home the concepts remarkably well”. Teresa Keating - Business Manufacturing Technology Director, The Dow Chemical Company (USA)
“A superb and thought provoking presentation on leadership.  He shared powerful examples of leaders “thinking out of the box” and how creative leadership made such a difference in the international sport arena. His advice can certainly make a significant difference in our industry”. Robert Dent - Reliability Engineer, Richards Bay Minerals

Inspirational Talk clients include:
Paddy Upton’s
presentation to
the top 500
managers at
ABFSG Day was
a great success.
It was wonderfully
illuminating and
was rated at
“relevant and
valuable” by 100%
of the 500 delegates.
Some said Paddy’s
presentation changed
my life”.
Ajay Srinivasan
- Head, Aditya Birla
Financial Services Group
Paddy's speech at the Dell India Leadership Strategy Meet in 2011 was extremely insightful. The ease with which he was able to relate to corporate issues was simply commendable. Paddy is a delightfully effective speaker whose style is simple, direct and engaging!
Ganesh Lakshminarayanan - President, Dell India
The presentation made to some 450 Chartered Accountants was refreshing and extremely thought provoking. Paddy kept the audience captivated through very interactive media, using real life examples everybody could relate to, all delivered in a very relaxed yet exceptionally professional style. Nasiegh Hamdulay - Regional executive, SA Institute of Chartered Accountants


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